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What Clients Are Saying

I can't recommend Bryn enough. For years, I believed there was no one who I could build a family with that would also fulfill my sexual desires. This led to very toxic relationships. In the first session, Bryn helped me see the disconnection in myself. She helped me identify that I'd been unconsciously suppressing my sexual desires in order to find someone I could have a family with.
I have been to a lot of therapy and as a queer, kinky, disabled woman, I have never felt so heard and safe. Bryn reflected my own values back to me and never judged me. Any breakthroughs we had were based on my core values.   
By being goal oriented, Bryn helped me begin to heal the disconnection that first session. I've asked past therapists to help me heal from the trauma of toxic relationships and they couldn't relate to me. By focusing on me showing myself what I can do for myself, Bryn helped me more in one session than any of my past therapists.
She adapted her coaching to my strengths and needs. Instead of pushing me to communicate in writing, she encouraged me to create art. I painted a dialogue between the two sides of myself so my maternal side and kinky side could make amends. Because of Bryn, I am learning to be whole and truly myself in every part of my life.

Rachel Ungerer, Disabled Queer Artist

The first time I met Bryn, she was writing articles for our company website. She was trying to get an interview, and I was avoiding her. I was very introverted, personally closed off, afraid to be seen, and anticipated nothing but embarrassment. One day she made eye contact with me in passing, and I knew she would get her interview. What I experienced from her in that interview felt completely real. Bryn drew things out of me that I didn’t think I would ever share, and I was glad to share them. It wasn’t just her skills, it was her presence and honesty.
When I later learned she did intimacy coaching, I signed up right away. So much has changed since then. It wasn’t so much what she taught me, it was how she challenged me to actually do things, and the example she set. She always brought me back to the moment. Bryn got me making eye contact, which had always been a struggle, but soon became natural and easy. She also had me expressing my truth, not what I thought others wanted, without judgement or pretense.
I have worked with other coaches, read countless books which would talk endlessly about such things. Like learning a foreign language by reading, they seldom helped. Bryn showed me, presence and acceptance in the moment, so now I recognize it, and know how to call it forward in myself, and find it in others. I realized that intimacy begins and ends by being intimate with myself, and without that, there is no intimacy with another.
Sexuality was not my main focus, but again Bryn made it easy to explore and learn. What turns me on, what does not. What is available should I want it, along with a primer on consent culture, and that intimacy comes in infinite forms if I am open to it. I went on to study things I never knew of before, simply because nobody had suggested them. She made sex into a normal thing to talk about openly with the right people.
So how did that article she wrote about me turn out? It was on point and brought me into focus in a way I never expected. I really do have a lot to offer. Now I can get it out there for the ones I love. There will always be much more to do, but she helped open a way forward.

John Duval, Engineer

I was recommended to reach out to Bryn and try intimacy coaching. Having never experienced that type of help before, I felt a little unsure yet kept an open mind. I have made many strides in my life to heal and try to open myself to further growth, but knew I needed a gentle push.


Bryn was very easy to schedule with, and we set up a video call. I was somewhat nervous but she made me feel so welcomed and listened to off the bat. It was like talking with an old friend. The advice she gave me and the conversation we held was very productive. I had a few "lightbulb" moments and she easily illuminated a few things I needed to hear as well.


We created a daily plan to get me on track to reach a few small goals, and I left the call feeling better than I had in weeks. Bryn was knowledgeable and professional without being stiff, and I was very comfortable. The trajectory of our discussion was organic and I really do think it takes a certain type of person to perform this kind of work. 


I am looking forward to our next session and am genuinely grateful I chose to reach out!

Amanda Bigger, Performer and Beauty Stylist

Bryn was amazing at helping me believe in myself and provided incredible support.


I came to Bryn because my sex drive was low, I wasn’t enjoying sex anymore, and it was negatively affecting my relationship. I felt insecure, broken, and that I should have sex all the time because I loved my partner, but I just couldn’t. 


Bryn creates a safe space for you to feel comfortable, she’s extremely understanding of all circumstances and will give you advice that caters to your specific needs. She listens with incredible care and attention. 


After the session, I had a fresh perspective and hope. Since then, I have been having three times more sex then I was before. I’m feeling more confident and secure. My relationship has been so wonderful now that there’s more intimacy, and I’m excited for what’s next!

Briana Christal, Sales and Marketing

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