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About Bryn Wolf

Bryn Wolf is a transformational coach who puts her client's success as a top priority. She believes that coaching is for a time in your life when you're either ready for something new or sick of the living the same old life.

With the right tools, she believes everyone should be able to "graduate" from their current level of understanding and up-level to bigger, better options. Everything you learn within 3-6 months with Bryn can be applied to the rest of your life. She believes coaches aren't worth the time if they don't teach you how to trust yourself, move on, and only come back for perspective and tune-ups. Beliefs about relationships, money, shame and self-worth are just a few of the ways that most people hold themselves back. For Bryn, these are her favorite things to help you shift so you can live a life that excites you, fulfills you, and brings you closer to everyone in your life!

Bryn once lived a life where she could barely pay the bills, where she was unhappily married, and had to keep her true desires hidden in shame. She now lives completely out in the open as a polyamorous, kinky, and queer woman. She created a career in sex education and writing that allows her to use her expertise and knowledge, and she is happily engaged to her best friend and is co-creating a life with them! After taking a break from coaching, she sees there's a greater need for it than ever, and is now offering private sessions and group workshops in order to inspire more people to live their purpose and create good in the world.

Bryn is an example of a woman who broke free of the cultural expectations put on her and started living a life that she custom designed.

"That little voice in your head that says you have to do it this way or you'll lose friends, family, or your life? It's only holding you back. And most of the time it's dead wrong.", she says.

If you've been waiting for a coach who will look you deep in your eyes and see you for your authentic self, you've found her.

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